This site is maintained by cate bramble. The FSUR phenomenon is based on my life experiences, my research, my knowledge of feng shui, and my sense of outrage at the scams.

I currently work as an information developer for a software company. I’m a senior member and former chapter officer of the Society for Technical Communication. I was president of a Toastmasters club. And my name is one of the million on Nasa’s Stardust spacecraft, which visited Comet Wild 2 in 2004.

I studied feng shui with Master Larry Sang and Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai. I spoke in New Zealand and Brazil in 2001, and at the International Feng Shui Conference in Koln, Germany, in March 2002. I’ve also taught and spoken in the U.S., Brazil, and Mexico. My articles have been translated into several languages.

I wrote a book on feng shui printed in 2003 by an academic publisher. It’s considered a “best-seller” in the academic publishing world (“best-seller” means something different in that world). The book explains Feng Shui from a real-world perspective, including recent scientific discoveries.

Order it from Amazon by clicking this link.

Financial Ties and Affiliations

If you buy a product through my site, such as one of the recommended books, the purveyor of the product pays me a few cents. I am an Amazon Associate, and have associations with Commission Junction and LinkShare.

Thank You

I am deeply grateful to those of you who have suggested websites and books to review, and those who provided nuggets of wisdom and research for FSUR.


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Site Philosophy

Feng Shui with attitude. — Access Magazine (August 6, 2000)

Background | Free speech | Objections | Refutations | Anonymous complainers

I like facts, and think they’re generally far more fascinating than fiction, just as being a skeptic is far more comprehensive and rewarding than being a “true believer.”

I want to remain open-minded, but not enough so that my brains fall out. I want a mind like a steel trap, as long as it doesn’t rust shut.


I have enough experience with sightings of Elvis and UFOs, bizarre health practices and beliefs, and a host of other subjects to know when I’m being force-fed a lie.

I have worked most of my life in scientific and technical fields, and know that when something doesn’t sound right I need to keep asking why until I arrive at an understanding. I also know that the burden of proof is on the person who makes a claim (what Carl Sagan called “extraordinary claims requiring extraordinary evidence”).

Having worked a bit on the carnival circuit, I also know what a con looks like. And I know enough about feng shui to know when someone is making things up.

It enrages me that the many con artists in the feng shui world demand the contents of our wallets for their dubious, and sometimes harmful, money-grubbing schemes. They should be forced to get real jobs like those whose hard-earned money they try to pilfer.

What’s worse, in many cases these fraudsters steal and exploit the work of others, and through their rapacious greed make a travesty of feng shui and of the original material.

You have the right to hear the facts and everyone has the right to expose outrageous, outlandish, and fraudulent marketing claims for Feng Shui.

New Age circles seem to be the new frontier for get-rich-quick schemes. Is there any reason we have to endure such destructive and unethical conduct?

Free speech

When you say you’re a believer in free speech, that encompasses a responsibility to understand its limits may be beyond what you personally find acceptable. Sites examined in FSUR are created by people who claim a legitimate right to expression, whether or not that conforms with the laws of their country, US state laws, or business ethics. One can hope (but not demand) that their sense of entitlement to freedom of expression extends to those who critique them.

Opinion: deal with it

Anyone with information at their fingertips can form an opinion; some people can form an opinion without ever coming into contact with facts.

This site is my understanding of the facts. I provide information on where I got my facts, and I encourage you to consult the same materials and see whether you agree. You are welcome to email me.

I don’t expect everyone to agree with my understanding of the facts. I also don’t expect some opinionated people will ever become acquainted with the facts.

Some people take great exception to my opinions. If their beliefs or livelihoods are threatened by FSUR, one small site among millions, then I think they should question their beliefs and examine how they make a living.

You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something during your life. —Winston Churchill


People whose sites are critiqued in FSUR are welcome to protest; after all, this is a site about what I find objectionable.

I accept objections people send if I think there’s validity in their claim. I publish objections, my responses, and further research and analysis.

Some people whose sites are critiqued in FSUR have been and will continue to be offended simply because they are held up to scrutiny. I will continue publishing their activities.

Because I’m expressing my opinions I publish criticisms of FSUR. If you don’t want to see your complaints published, then be quiet.


Those who believe a site is unfairly represented or misunderstood in FSUR should substantiate their reasons; just telling me that I’m wrong just shows how lazy you are.

I need some pretty good convincing that a site didn’t deserve the notice it gets in FSUR. If you want to convince me of the efficacy of your pet practice, consider James Randi’s offer of $1 million. He would love to give this prize (still not awarded after all these years) to someone who could prove dowsing works, or someone to show that compasses are no longer useful, or anyone who provides evidence that geopathic stress really exists.

Formally file to win the prize if you feel so strongly about the subject that you must take me to task. Otherwise you’re excrementalizing.

Anonymous complainers

Those who complain about FSUR (whether here, or places like Amazon.com) but don’t want to leave their name have three problems:

  • They are comfortable with lying, because writing anonymously is lying about who they are.
  • What they say is worthless because they don’t believe in themselves enough to express courage for their convictions.
  • There’s no discussion because they don’t want it.

I have no respect for such spineless wimps and neither should you.


I am not a scientist or a medical practitioner. This site does not advise people regarding matters that should be addressed to licensed and board-certified professionals.

Seek qualified help if you’re suffering. That means a real professional in a required area of expertise—not a feng shui practitioner who pretends to be one.

What advice FSUR provides consists of diatribes against liars, charlatans, fraudsters, quacks, and similar types who claim knowledge or possession of cures for

  • mental health issues
  • interpersonal problems
  • anything for which there is no known cure
  • nonexistent ailments (psychosomatic illnesses)
  • syndromes, conditions, or states which have no scientific (or logical) validity

It’s one thing to know Feng Shui. It’s quite another to assume that knowledge means you can invent things and charge people money for them, that you can tell people how to keep house, or that you can advise them on personal problems.

Conflicts of Interest

The content of anything that labels itself as consumer interest should be free of any motive other than informing its audience and advocating their interests. It should not be motivated by the desire to curry favor with any particular person or faction.

Partnerships are restricted to particular areas of the site and carefully identified.

Although it might be construed that being a practitioner would be a conflict of interest in a site that largely debunks what generally passes for feng shui, this site is purposely not arranged to promote me or any feng shui services I can and might provide. (Besides, my primary source of income is not feng shui.)

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