True. However, the fact that feng shui does agree with modern physics is going to upset a lot of people. It means the death of some of their pet beliefs.

Feng shui people don’t seem to play golf or billiards. Those skills would help them gain an understanding of why feng shui does not defy basic laws of physics. Perhaps they would stop using “energy” as an explanation for everything.

They will try to convince you with a lot of babble about vibrations and incomprehensible paraphrasing of Deepak Chopra  — yet in reality there is no “vibrational energy” in some universal mystical cosmic soup.

Any energy can be measured if it exists. Anyone can distinguish between a real phenomenon and one that is not simply by having an independent party demonstrate whether the phenomenon exists.

When a feng shui person claims to be exploiting some kind of “energy” with feng shui but can’t explain how their energy is detected and measured, you are dealing with a con artist — or someone who is delusional — or possibly both.

“It is quantum physics, that cannot be measured,” they often insist — as if this answer is enough to stop your prying.

Just because they don’t understand the science doesn’t mean the science cannot be explained.

Quantum mechanics theory works at the atomic level and smaller at a size most people simply cannot imagine: .0000000000000000000000000000000000016 meters. This is a scale where quantum fluctuations in the fabric of spacetime theoretically become enormous. This scale is so small that humans cannot see obvious signs of the effects of quantum gravity.

Why do feng shui people claim to work with quantum physics or quantum mechanics  marketing? They are exploiting some people’s taste for nonsense — and some people are silly enough to believe it.