East group and West group relate to orientations such as sleeping directions. These groups are part of bazhai (Eight Mansions, Eight Houses, etc.). The numbers are assigned according to the Luoshu(Later Heaven Diagram).These “home directions” are determined by the year of birth. The directions can apply to a house or a person, an animal, a housing development, etc. Where they occur in a structure must be determined with a compass.

It is not necessarily a terrible thing if you are East group and sleep in a West group direction, or West group and sleep in an East group direction. Everything depends on your unique situation. There are situations where this change of direction is advised by a practitioner, based on their detailed analysis of a house.

East group people

If you are in the East group you are assigned these directions.
North — Kan (1)
East — Zhen (3)
Southeast — Xun (4)
South — Li (9)

West group people

If you are in the West group you are assigned these directions.
Southwest — Kun (2)
Northwest — Qian (6)
West — Dui (7)
Northeast — Gen (8)