Everyone seems perplexed about geomagnetism — including feng shui professionals!

Current Conditions

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Solar X-rays:

Geomagnetic Field:


Geomagnetism and Orientation

All living creatures have a strong affinity for the magnetic aspects of Earth.

  • Bacteria and algae follow magnetic lines of force.
  • Sea turtles use a two-way coordinate system based on magnetic dip and intensity.
  • Birds use the Earth’s magnetic field as a compass (“magnetism geography”).
  • Magnetite is found in the brains of dolphins, whales, certain fish (including salmon), green turtles and homing pigeons, and it seems to interact with their brains.
  • Bees rely on the magnetic field to find their way from flowers to the hive. Honeybee dances are tuned to the sun and the local magnetic field direction, as are salmon migrations.

Humans are not exempt from these facts. Research shows a correlation between mental illness and disturbed geomagnetic field conditions, as well as correlation between convulsive seizures, myocardial infarction, and geomagnetic activity. (W. Campbell: Introduction to Geomagnetic Fields, pp. 241-243)
Too bad McFengshui practitioners think that compasses are irrelevant! They could be tracking this activity just the way we do in real feng shui. You see, feng shui compasses (luopans) were the first geomagnetic field-sensing devices. (Campbell: 175)

So how is Earth’s magnetic field perceived?

  • By using a compass.
  • By electric induction.
  • By chemical reception. (This is what probably works in birds and insects.)

You’ll notice there’s no listing for intuition. That’s because humans cannot detect a magnetic field except by the previously listed means. Without a compass or similar detection device, humans have repeatedly been proven incapable of detecting any kind of geomagnetic field or fluctuation via innate (that is, “intuitive”) means.

Any Feng Shui book or practitioner who professes an ability to “intuit” energy fields is a medical anomaly and should be offering themselves to scientists for study — thus to better our knowledge. Or perhaps the practitioner is merely waiting to commit fraud.


A primer on geomagnetism from New Scientist.